Calling KB

Apparently my Granny was beside herself with worry yesterday following the news of the bombs in London – my little sister KB was somewhere in the capital and no one had heard from her. My aunties had called in safe. At work, after hearing the news, I got flustered and the smallest bit panicked because I didn’t have my mobile phone, with all my phone numbers on it. I went home and reunited with my phone was able to contact my Dad who had just spoken to KB.

All family members OK.

I’m not sure that there is much else that I can say – I am saddened, freaked out, but mostly relieved that my nearest and dearest are alright.

On an entirely different note – I am currently supposed to be packing for my holidays, but I am too hyper to concentrate on packing.

And finally on another different note – the summer Knitty is here. Revel in the Man Issue fellows!