Recipes of Distinction

I love food, there is very little doubt about that. Both eating and cooking, though mainly eating. Recently I have tried a few new recipes which are sure to become favourites –

The first is a Spinach Quiche and it is truly delicious, who could not love the combination of pastry, cream cheese, eggs and spinach?

The second is a Coconut Bread and it is so yummy. I am a bit of a sucker for coconut. This bread should really be called less-sweet coconut cake that you can eat any time of the day and not seem like a complete piggly-wiggly because it’s a ‘bread’ and not a ‘cake’. Delicious toasted with (homemade) damson jam on top.

Ice creams of distinction have been Apple and Blackberry ice cream and Coconut ice cream. Sadly, blackberries are now gone and I have none in my freezer. Boo hoo!

Blackberry & Apple Ice Cream