Taming the jungle

Going on holiday in the middle of July results in returning to an overgrown jungle in the garden. The task of removing all the shoots from the tomatoes is all the more difficult as they have grown to an enormous size in the few weeks we were away. Oh there are so many of them! The lettuce has nearly all bolted and we struggle to get replacement seeds sown when we are trying to reclaim space in the overgrown raised beds to sow the seeds in. There are not enough gardening hours at this time of year.

The kale has transformed into a small tree and is intertwined with climbing beans.







An abundance


This is our garlic harvest and it has been a good one! This stuff really seems to love the polytunnel and whatever else is going on with the soil. I really should keep better notes about what we have done. I think the garlic bed had compost two years ago and legumes last year.

The poppies flowered a few weeks earlier this year, last year we missed them as we were on holiday.



The first peas


The broad beans are just starting to fatten up and the peas have given us our first small harvest. Not enough to take home and cook, but just enough to feed small people (and myself) straight from the plant. They prefer to eat their greens very fresh. Once cooked and put on a dinner plate the greens are usually rejected.



Turns out the big people are are sampling the greens in the garden too, though I would have thought it wise to correctly identify a plant prior to eating. Someone has been sampling the leaves of my bread seed poppies, thinking that they are a type of oriental green!