This week in the garden


Our squash and cucumbers were planted last week. This week we were all feeling ill so we kept things simple with a little light weeding. Evie sowed a sunflower seed and I sowed swede and sprouting broccoli.

In the garden, 12 May


This week in the garden we built some structures: a bean teepee for the purple climbing beans and a trellis for tomatoes (which will be grown up strings). Last years support for the tomatoes struggled under the weight of the many fruits that grew, so this year Dave has tried to make it extra strong.


photographers, originally uploaded by ZMB.

This is what we get up to these days. The littlest one had to be bribed to participate, a minute earlier she had been rolling around kicking her glittery shoes in the air. And her price? A packet of raisins :)


New Year, New Socks - 1/3662/3663/3664/3665/3666/366

366, a set on Flickr.

A photo a day from 2012. Some really terrible pictures and lots that I love. It has been hard work, especially after I returned to work in October – it is hard to find something to photograph when you spend all your daylight hours in a boring office.

Next year I will lessen the pressure and do a 52 weeks project.