Quick Change Trousers

Quick Change Trousers, originally uploaded by ZMB.

In between looking after Martha and spending hours on end in bed, I have managed to make some items for the new baby.

I had intended to sew some items for Martha before she was born, but she was in a rush and I wasn’t at all organised. This time I have managed to complete a garment (and also hope to make Martha a top).

Other items completed for the new baby have been baby socks, a February Baby Sweater, a Little Baby Sweater and a Bonnet.

And Martha got a new hat.


Mentally I am the same size I was before I grew my bump. Physically I cannot fit through the same tight gaps – especially between car wing mirrors. According to my mother my arse looks bigger. I guess it’s a balance thing, my arse grows to balance out the big belly so that I don’t topple forwards.

I have a new hobby – sleeping during the day. It is brilliant! The dogs love it too, we all pile up on the bed and rest a spell.

If it is quiet here it is because: I have been away; I am sleeping; I am working; I am talking about bathrooms; I am knitting; I am walking the dogs; I am eating my dinner.

I am slowly gathering together all the basics I will need for the arrival of my baby. Some stuff is bought and some is made. I threw together a quick homemade version of this. Dave wasn’t very impressed by it, his attention was only held for a couple of seconds. He reckons a boy would never be engrossed by something so silly. I said, just you wait to see your wee idiot son playing away with it! Actually, I didn’t really say that, I said something a lot less PC and had myself a hugh, wobbling belly laugh.

Sometimes it’s just too warm to think… or to wear clothes

I read in the paper this week about pregnancy causing absent-mindedness. There were many theories as to why, such as the brain shrinking, hormones and tiredness. Of course, I thought, none of this will happen to me – I will remain on the ball and alert. So why then did I pour milk over my muesli and then proceed to pour milk over Maya’s dog nuts? It wasn’t a disaster, Maya was very grateful for the tasty addition to her normally dry breakfast. In my defense I would say that her nuts could easily be mistaken for some kind of chocolate puff cereal.

I managed to complete two knitted garments last week. One was a little cardigan for the baby and the other was a bolero for me. I am very happy with the bolero, although it is far too warm for the weather we are having. Really this is bra and panties weather – or is it just me that feels so, so warm?

On Saturday Dave and I went to a basket weaving class near Portaferry. I made this and I am very proud of it!

I made a basket