Careers Advice for Dogs

So, me, Dave and the dogs were sitting chatting about how the dogs would have to take a cut in their pocket money due to the credit crunch. The dogs were keen to help in any way they could and suggested that perhaps they could go out to work in order to bring in a few quid – to keep them in James Wellbeloved chow and pigs ears.

Gracie thought that she could get work as a dog model, sure she has plenty of experience of posing for photos and she is working on the bulimia and drugs addiction (see Chocolate story below). Maya thought that if Gracie still had her big long ear hairs she could have got work at the hairdressing college, where the students could have practised their crimping iron skills on her.

Maya didn’t really know what she wanted to do. She thought maybe she would be well suited as some kind of meeter and greeter as she just loves meeting new people. I suggested that she should hire herself out as a professional mop head.



The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

Originally uploaded by ZMB.

If you are wondering who that woman is with the camera, tripod and small white dog, taking photographs around town – it is me doing my homework. I wouldn’t really say I’m a fan of nighttime photography; or maybe it’s just this town that is the problem – I haven’t found anything inspiring to photograph and the boy racers keep shouting ‘cheese’ at me.

So this may be the hardest week for me. Last week was taking pictures of my favourite things and I had a ball taking photos. Gracie and I went on two long walks, the first being from Portstewart to Portrush. I was all set to walk all the way to White Rocks beach when I realised that I had lost my mobile phone (my way of telling D where to pick me up). I had the white rocks in sight when I had to turn back to Portrush East Strand, where earlier I had sat down to rest and Gracie had dug me a nice hole. Natch, the phone was buried in the hole.

Our second walk was at Ballycastle. Gracie is a total beach bum – beaches send her into a complete tizzy. She also likes forests a lot, but beaches narrowly win the competition.

But the best bit of the day for photographs was visiting the Dark Hedges, near Armoy. The results (above) are delightfully spooky, I think.

This weekend I will have to clear the laptop for what will surely be a memory assault next weekend when we go to Edinburgh. Both D and I will be using DSLRs and I plan to take a heap of pictures.