I am typing one-handed as a small dog is lying, softly snoring, on my lap with her head resting on my left wrist. She can quite often be found on my lap when I am at the computer. She is also very fond of lap lying while I am knitting.

This week I won the top prize in our local community group’s Christmas raffle, a food hamper. It has been ages since I’d won anything in a raffle. I recall winning a pie dish and a packet of biscuits in a raffle in the Protestant Hall when I was a wee girl, the pie dish became our official Shepherds Pie dish. I loved Shepherds Pie.

We always enter the community group’s raffles but have never won anything. Then there was that raffle I entered in the pub near Auntie T’s last summer, where everybody in the pub walked out with a prize (or 2!) and I got nothing. I think what I am trying to say is that I am not normally blessed with any luck in raffles.

So, I’m pretty chuffed!